Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spineless Leadership is Costing America

The recent Ebola scare has made me realize I can't believe anything the Executive Branch of our Government says anymore.  I actually believe it's impossible for them to tell the truth to save their lives.  After recent events I don't know how anyone could have faith - especially in President Obama.

My concerns really start before his first term; however, in the interest in keeping this short I'll just stick with the last couple of years. 

Benghazi:  The President and Former Sec. of State Clinton both tried to tell the American people that the attack was caused by a video on You Tube instead of terrorists.  Leon Panetta's new book says that he informed the President that a terrorist attack was occurring at the Consulate - a fact he confirmed with Bill O'Reilly on the O'Reilly Factor on October 7, 2014. 

Yemen:  The President claimed victory in Yemen and two weeks later we had to abandon our Embassy there.   Non-essential personnel were airlifted out because of the danger.

Iraq:  Former Sec. of Defense Panetta informed the President that not leaving a presence of American military in Iraq would destabilize the region.  The President felt it was more important to withdraw troops so ignored Panetta's warning.

Syria:  President Obama tells Syria that if they use chemical weapons that would be crossing a "red line" and repercussions would follow.  Syria did use chemical weapons and there were no repercussions.   Now the Syrian Free Army is being overrun by ISIS and Assad. 

Air Campaign Against ISIS:  President Obama tells the American People that he has authorized an air campaign but will not put any "boots on the ground."  Yesterday the United States dropped 5 bombs in Syria - a normal air campaign would drop around 1,000 bombs in one day.  The Joint Chiefs informed the President on October 8 that the air campaign is not working.  They requested more airstrikes and "boots on the ground."  President Obama refuses and tells them to "stay the course."

Attorney General Eric Holder:  Has picked and chose what laws he would enforce.  In addition, the AG has taken states to court to prevent them enforcing the law since the Federal Government wouldn't.  Holder has made non-race related events into events that he claims involved racism - dividing the country.  Further, Holder has stymied investigations into Benghazi and the IRS by refusing to provide documentation.

Ebola:  President Obama tells the American Public that the Chances of having an Ebola outbreak in the United States was so low it was nothing to worry about.  Two weeks later the first patient with Ebola was turned away with meds - hospital employees thought he had a respiratory infection.   A few days later the patient had to be transported back to the hospital in Texas with full-blown symptoms of Ebola.  He is now dead and 50-100 people are in quarantine until we know they did not get the disease.

The list could go on from here but again, I want to save some space.  The point is how can we believe our Government on anything at this point?  I'm being told that Ebola is contained here in the US but with just the items listed above I wonder if I'm just being shined on.  In addition, the US has lost all credibility Internationally as well.  When POTUS walked back from his stance on Syria, he signaled to  groups like ISIS that he had no desire to engage them.  As a result ISIS has taken several cities is Syria and Iraq.  The Kurds, which have been the only force really fighting ISIS have been abandoned by the United States.  We have sent some aid and have done some bombing but it's not enough.  When ISIS defeats the Kurds there will be a genocide of the Kurdish people, Christians, and anyone that doesn't agree with ISIS.  What will the President say then?  Will he say that the Defense Department underestimated the strength of ISIS?  Will he take any responsibility for his decisions?  I doubt it.

Midterm elections are almost here.  I hope there is a turnover in the Senate.  I hope that if there is a turnover the GOP starts acting like statesmen and start rebuilding the faith I had in my Government.  Right now that the only hope I see - for all of us.