Monday, October 20, 2014

Erosion of Our Freedom

Today two reports outlined incredibly frightening proposed actions by President Obama that would bypass the Constitutional Provisions of Congressional Approval.  This is nothing short of acting like a dictator rather than a President.  Liberal groups are now attacking the First Amendment guaranteeing the Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech.  Now the Federal Government is monitoring Twitter Accounts in the “interest of seeing what the Public is interested in.” violating the First and Fourth Amendments.   All of this has to stop if we wish to remain free.

The first report from outlined an order for work visas with a beginning order of 4 million cards and followed with an additional 9 million for 2016.  This amount of work visas would basically open the borders while giving amnesty to the illegal immigrants already here – all without a single vote from Congress.  The President says this move is due to the inaction by Congress; however, all the President needs to do is order Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to allow the stacks of legislation on his desk to come to the floor of the Senate for debate and votes.  In other words, look no further than the Democrat party for the cause of this constipation.  As we look at Ebola, we have started to understand what control of our borders means to the American people.  The sad thing in this is that other diseases directly related to illegal immigration have been ignored.  It was generally accepted that TB and Whooping Cough have been eradicated in the United States have re-emerged – largely from exposure to illegal aliens who have not been vetted for infectious diseases.  TB in particular has had a chilling effect since the strain is now antibiotic resistant.   Our porous southern border makes the risk of infectious disease outbreaks more than likely – in fact, we’ve already had some, just not Ebola.

The second report from the New York Times outlines a possible accord with Iran that wouldn’t ban nuclear weapons, just forestall their development.  In return, the sanctions against Iran would be lifted.  Although negotiations are continuing at this point, the White House has stated its intent to bypass Congress on this agreement.  The Executive Branch says it would be a short-term agreement and any agreement that would span a matter of years would, of course, involve Congress.  The fact is that the Constitution gives Congress the responsibility of ratifying Treaties and Accords.  Congress is supposed to review these agreements BEFORE they are in affect.  

Finally, as many of us already know, the Federal Government has basically been spying and at times persecuting us.  Reporters are threatened with jail if they don’t give their sources that have leaked information.   Clergy are now being issued subpoenas demanding private information shared with them by parishioners and forced to preform services counter to their religious beliefs.  Judge Napolitano stated that these types of actions have a chilling effect on Freedom of Speech.  Our Republic is based on the ability to speak freely, discuss ideas, and practice our religious beliefs without the fear of persecution.  We have traveled far from our rights as outlined in the Bill of Rights and it’s time to get back to our freedom. 

The President needs to stop acting like a dictator.  Congress needs to stop turning its back on the Constitution.  Americans need to demand that their Freedoms remain intact.  If we don’t we may cease to be the one of the greatest nations in the world.