Monday, September 29, 2014

Instead of Workplace Violence Let's Call It Murder

Within the past week we've seen two cases of lone terrorists in Oklahoma.  The first actually was successful in beheading a co-worker and attempting to behead another.  The second has been arrested on terrorist activities after threatening a co-worker with beheading because she was Christian.  She told authorities that he stated he was a Muslim and follower of ISIS and that they kill Christians.  Both these instances show an insulting lack of trust in the American people, our service men and women, and those that have been attacked or killed by these individuals.

The press, our government, and law enforcement agencies evidently think the American people are too stupid to realize when terrorism occurs if they gloss over it with other words like workplace violence.  The attack at Fort Hood they called "workplace violence,"  even though it was clearly terrorism.  When the perpetrator screams radical Islamic statements and admits that he killed these people for the actions that killed Muslims in the Middle East it's not Workplace violence it's MURDER committed in the name of terrorism.  Stop trying to lie to us!  We're actually much more intelligent than that.

Calling acts of terrorism by any other name is an insult to all our service members that have put their lives on hold - risking those very lives to eliminate a threat overseas before it comes to our homeland.  Our military has put everything on the line for us and we need to show the respect to them by acknowledging that we have been pulled into a war - possibly a world war - and we have to be serious about it.  If we continue to fight in half measures, we have learned nothing from Viet Nam where so many of our precious service men lost their lives in a war they couldn't fight to win.  We should only enter wars when we are willing to do what it takes to win.  If from the outset we make it impossible to remove the threat we should stay home. 

Finally, calling these events anything other than murder insults the memory of all who have died at the hands of these butchers.  We disrespect their families and sacrifice when we call it by any other name.  Violence can include killing but it also can be a slap on the face or throwing something.  The word violence down plays the act.  It minimizes the horror of murder.  It discounts the value of the life lost.

We must stop this political correctness and call things what they are.  The butchers of ISIS, ISIL, IS or whatever are not honorable.  They are nothing more than thugs and murderers.  They gain power through the abuse of those around them, keeping anyone that would disagree in terror - thus the name terrorism.  So stop calling things by different names.  Call war what it is war.  Call murder what it is murder.  Call terrorism what it is and stop elevating it to a level of acceptability - it's not.