Saturday, September 27, 2014

War on Women - Give Me a Break!

It's gotten ridiculous all these "wars!"  Does anyone else find it ironic that the Democrats can claim war on races, women, poverty, etc. and yet can't call what we're doing in Iraq and Syria a war on ISIS, ISIL, IS, Terrorism, Extremism, or whatever you want to call it?  In addition, using the measure of wages or professional positions to determine if women are treated fairly is crazy as well.  We have the right to equal opportunity.  The more we put labels on individuals or populations the less likely we are to ever achieve fairness. 

The Women's Movement (WM) has failed - not because they haven't achieved great things in the past but because they continue to characterize any woman that doesn't enter the workforce as a slave.  WM has no interest in celebrating the strength and diversity of women.  They emasculate men while forcing a philosophy of women not needing men.  In reality, humanity is a "pack animal;" otherwise we would not live in cities, towns, and communities.  We seek company with others that make us feel safe and valued.

The WM has become a tool for those that want to tear our society apart.  Declaring a war on women is one step in that.  Women feel guilty if they leave the workforce to raise their children.  When our society was rural children had access to both parents.  We worked in partnerships with neighbors and family.  The thought of working for a common goal today has almost disappeared.  Government has insidiously made itself the caretaker of everyone.  The same rhetoric that claims business owners are evil also strives to erase any differences within society.  Face it - they want clones.

I worked within the financial markets for about 20 years before going into business with my husband.  Arguably an old boys network, I never had issues of discrimination.  I grew up in a logging town where you were expected to take care of yourself and your own safety.  I was raised not to be a victim.  I think the reason why I never experienced some of the discrimination that many women complain of was I never presented myself as a victim.  I was well liked and many came to me directly for issues with accounts due to my dependability and work ethic.  When I chose to leave the firm for another smaller one, the national firm actually worked to meet the offer I was accepting.  I had proven my value.  I was the only one other than the Operations Manager that could fill any position in operations if needed.  I followed the first rule of having value - make yourself indispensable.  I never had the attitude that I was entitled to anything - I believed and still do that hard work opens doors.

We need to work in partnerships.  America is about choices.  We need to celebrate differences and find those that excel in areas we don't to fill in gaps.  We should celebrate family instead of tearing it apart.  We should stop creating wars where none exist and fight to win that ones that do.  Enough of the ridiculous finger pointing.  Enough of trying to make everyone fit into a nice little pigeon hole. Enough victim culture - we're strong and need to exert that strength in all its forms.  It's time for people to excel and find their true path.  It's time to celebrate excellence instead of mediocrity.  It's time to embrace the United States of America for what she was formed to be.  I thank God every day that I was born an American.  God Bless America and her citizens.