Friday, September 26, 2014

Why Republicans Lose Elections

As a registered Republican I am done.  The Idaho Republican Party is the least inclusive party in the country and I am angry.  I'm tired of giving chances.  I'm tired of making excuses and I'm tired of being loyal. I should temper my anger slightly by saying that the Bannock County Republicans really get the prize for whining and complaining.  I've actually heard members say when they lose an election, "welcome to the 49% club."  Give me a break.  Instead of acting like spoiled brats, maybe they should get out and find out WHY they lost. 

I've watched members and candidates alienate well connected party workers.  I've seen them make comments that ANYONE would be offended at.  The superior attitude of the current party makes it ripe for failure. I've seen new people actually ignored by those that should be welcoming them.  I've seen ideas shot down by established party members with superior attitudes.  They basically make those who would dare to suggest a new idea feel stupid.  If it's not their idea it's a bad idea.  Why would anyone stay loyal to the party?

I asked to be added to the list to be informed of meetings and gave my card to the Party Secretary.  I have not been notified of any.  I've been loyal to the party since I lived in Seattle.  I have NEVER seen such a closed group.  I have been involved in letter writing campaigns, walking for candidates, and poll watching.  I have stuffed envelopes.  I have made phone calls.  Not anymore.  I'm done. 
Like a dog that has been kicked one too many times - count me out.  If you can't count on my vote, I would say you can't count on anyone's.  I have voted time and again for Republicans and they've treated me like dirt.  On the other side, even though I disagree with the Democrat positions, they have always been respectful and welcoming to me.  As human beings I must say the Democrats seem to be better people. 

Currently my contacts are telling me that they have no idea who is running for office.  They feel the Republican Party is so busy fighting with each other - they don't care about the people they're supposed to serve.  That is called failure and if the GOP doesn't start getting out there, they will have a spectacular loss.

I have a daughter in the Navy who is probably going to end up on the front lines of the conflicts we're involved in Internationally so I will vote Republican for Federal offices since I want her to be supported to the fullest.  I still believe our country is the best in the world.  I want us to return to the vision that we are strong and honorable.  It will take a long time to repair our image but it's time to start now.

So here are my picks - the people I WILL vote for.  They are the ONLY candidates I have strong feelings for.  Call me disgruntled.  

At the State level I am more particular.  I have to say the ONLY two I am sure I will vote for is Lawrence Wasden.  As Attorney General he has done a tremendous job especially in the area of internet crime and protecting our children.  He is getting my vote.  Ken Andrus has always been forthright and has done his best for the people of our state so I'm voting for him also.  The rest - I'm shopping.

At the County level my picks are as follows:

Commissioner District 1:  Karl E Anderson - this commission has actually stood up to make sure the County is running correctly and I respect them for that.  Comm. Anderson has my vote.

County Clerk:  Dave Bowen - Mr. Bowen has always been an someone who listens to what others think.  I believe he will do what's best for the citizens of Bannock County.

County Assessor:  David Packer - his knowledge of how TIF and property taxes work is paramount to the success of our County. 

Well, that's it.  I will cast votes for 5 Republicans for State and Local offices.  I guess that means I'm no longer a Republican.  It's sad because if the GOP has lost my vote I have to think there are many that will no longer vote for the GOP either.