Friday, August 29, 2014

We Should All Be Concerned With Water

Recently the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) redefined the definition of water.  It extends from the ocean to the puddle in your back yard.  The EPA would have preeminent jurisdiction over wells, water rights, rivers . . . If you have water rights it would actually nullify them (if the EPA decides to). 

Of course many think this is alarmist and that the EPA needs to protect our water but what has it really done?  First the EPA is not a public entity - no one is voted in.  It is a quasi-governmental agency.  Next, the EPA tends to fine but not necessarily clean up any pollution.  Many corporations find it easier to pay the fine than clean the mess.  Additionally the EPA has prevented many companies from even getting permitted making it impossible for them to form and create jobs - which we supposedly want.  Finally, the EPA has made our energy crisis worse by preventing drilling for fossil fuels and not permitting a single nuclear plant, even though the technology today uses almost 100% of the radioactive material.  In short the EPA has become dominant in who gets to develop energy in our country. 

Now back to water . . .  With that back drop the EPA now wants to control all water.  State management would become subservient to the Federal Government.  We could see our State supply actually cost more for each of us or even get a minimum amount with the rest flowing to Washington and Oregon.  They could force us to breach dams which would decimate our electricity and again drive up costs.  Those who believe this couldn't happen need look no further than President Clinton when he claimed massive amounts of land in Idaho has public land.  The resulting loss of local control has reeked havoc on our land management - including more fires.

With control of all water comes absolute control of us as a people.  Think about who will decide what we have to water fields and actually drink.  The thought makes me think of the Herbert book, Dune.  The absolute control of water meant that everyone had to serve a terrible tyrant to survive.  The scarcity caused by callous policies made water the most precious commodity on the planet.  We're not far from that now.  Think about if the EPA could block access to wells on your property.  Think about being forced to drain the American Falls Reservoir.  Will it happen tomorrow?  No, but that means nothing in the future.  As specious regulations develop with little or no input from the citizens of this country, we make ourselves prone to sabotage from outside enemies and slaves to the Government.  The new religion of Environmentalism will cause us all to bow down to get a taste of water.

We need to fight for our local control now.  We have spent 30 years gaining enough information to make decisions on water rights and how to accommodate all users within our State.  Why would we want to forfeit our self determination to a Government that shows little concern for Idaho or what's best for the American People?  The time is now to say NO to the domination of the EPA and start the process of taking back our rights - as a State and a people.