Tuesday, July 8, 2014

From My Heart

I been having interesting conversations with several people in the last couple of weeks but today talking to my mom I came to a conclusion I want to share.

We have become a Nation that does things to feel good about ourselves.  We make it look like we're making decisions based on reason but as we educate ourselves, I find we're making totally emotion based decisions.  Here's a few areas I think prove my point . . .

  1. Climate Change:  Of course our climate changes.  The earth has gone through tropical and ice ages several times.  We emotionally believe we're the cause of this but reason tells us that we're not that powerful.  Should we be conservators of our environment?  Absolutely.  Can we prevent the weather from changing?  You must be joking.  The fact is weather patterns change and our earth is still evolving.  Keeping our environment clean keeps humans, animals and plants healthy but it doesn't mean that the earth will not warm and cool.  Archeology has taught us that.
  2. Guns Cause Gun Violence:  Sounds logical until you look at the Harvard International Study on Gun Violence and look at the last weekend.  Areas that are "gun free" have more gun violence.  The fact is, if you're planning on committing a crime with a gun you're not going to use legitimate dealers - you don't want to be traced.  On the other hand, if you can cause trouble at an armed campus or an unarmed one which would you choose?  I would choose the unarmed one because I think that I would want to cause as much carnage as possible before I was stopped.  Just saying . . .
  3. Businesses are Corrupt Because They Are Profit Minded:  If you don't make a profit, how do you pay your workers.  The thing that made and makes America great is that anyone can build a business.  You can start with nothing and become whatever you want.  It's not supposed to be easy because we don't appreciate easy.  This premise is just plain stupid and those who really believe it should be rounded up and put in a commune somewhere (just not next to me.). 
  4. Wars Should Never Be Fought:  There are things worth fighting for.  Do I want war?  No.  Do I want freedom?  Yes.  The types of battles range from words to blood and although they may be horrific the alternative would be worse.  Imagine the world if Hitler had not been fought.  War must be horrific - the day it becomes too sterile and removed from everyday life is the day of the beginning of the end.  War must be terrible - it prevents us from going to war unless truly needed.
  5. Humans Are All Powerful:  Although this isn't said outright, the intent is there.  We can change the climate.  We cause all extinctions.  We do horrible things no other species do.  All these are total BS.  The fact is God balances us with Nature and every time we think we have conquered her we end up with a plague or earth quake, or tornado, hurricane, infestations, droughts, fires . . . We need to realize we're part of a whole and not the controlling party.
It's time we stop making emotional, uneducated decisions.  Feeling something is important.  It helps us know right from wrong; however, education on what is real allows us to make decisions that make a real difference.  Looking objectively at what has happened in the past, learning from it, and projecting the future are a must for any decision maker.  Knowing errors will be made but can also be overcome needs to be a habit, a necessity.

What's happening in the world today is a window to how stupid we have become.  We throw away our freedoms for security.  We believe in what we hear because it's what we WANT to hear.  We pat ourselves on the back for being good people.  WAKE UP! 
  • Good people take responsibility.  Good people learn what works and use it.  
  • Good people share and build from their own and others ideas for a better future.  
  • Good people stand up for their beliefs knowing sometimes they may make mistakes.  
  • Good people are accountable.

It's time to stand up for what's right.  Stop giving away our future and succumbing to the lure of easy answers - they're the drug that keeps us enslaved.  Stop treating any part of the population as different from another - it's nothing better than prejudice.  What you tell those people is that they're not good enough to make it on their own - the BIGGEST LIE of all.  Stop condoning through our inaction belief systems that allow some in a society to be battered, abused, enslaved. 

We must PARTICIPATE to make the world and our neighborhoods what they should be.  It's time to stand up - now, not tomorrow.