Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Americans with Honor

Today needs no introduction to Americans.  The original horror is still with us from the original September 11 massacre.  Now we celebrate the passage of a year where honorable Americans killed by butchers have had no justice.  That's all I'm going to say about the cowards that hide behind religion and civilians while they wreck havoc on a shell shocked world.  The fact is they hate, they like to hate and if you aren't with them, well, they hate you.  No negotiations.  No reasoning.  Just hate.

We should celebrate today as a day that the unquenchable American Spirit was not killed but strengthened.  People that had the chance called their friends and family to say goodbye.  One group, facing certain death took their destiny into their own hands and killed our attackers at the greatest personal cost.  They saved countless people because they understood who they were.  They stood up and showed the world American Bravery.

While the skies hovered with unknown threats, another group of Heroes rushed into smoke filled buildings.  They knew as the smoke choked the hallways and staircases that it was going to be bad.  They knew about the chemicals that pour into the air from fires and they knew about the jet fuel.  They went anyway, trying to get everyone out safe.

As firemen and police streamed into the area and the buildings, others were guiding employees and coworkers out.  Individuals carried injured workers down flights of stairs.  Others knew they wouldn't make it out, so they encouraged those around them and stayed with them as long as they could before paying with their lives.

Then last year, men refusing to leave fellow Americans to be slaughtered, ignored orders and went to help our Ambassador in Benghazi.  They fought through the night trying to hold on until help came.  They ran into burning buildings searched for the injured and dead.  They saved countless people.  When all was lost at the Consulate, they didn't quit, they went to the Annex and continued their fight.  They painted laser targets for the planes that never came and still they didn't give up.  Their bravery cost them their lives but not their honor.

Why focus on this at this time?  They were not broken.  Their spirit remained strong.  They are examples of the true American Spirit.  They did what was right at all costs.  They believed in what has made America great.  We need to remember that.

They didn't do what was politically correct.  They did not worry about keeping their jobs.  They did what was needed because it was right and they were the only ones that could.  Some were trained, some were not.  All put their needs aside to do what needed to be done.

Let's honor all these heroes by doing the right thing.  Let's show the world what Americans can do.  Do the things in front of you that YOU need to do.  Put the good of others above yourself for at least one day.  Be kind.  Be strong.  Be American.