Friday, September 6, 2013

Chubbuck Elections Boast Full Slate

The Chubbuck Election will be a hot one this year.  Mayor Steven England decided to retire this year, making the seat an open one.  To fill the void, Council President Kevin England (the brother of Steven) is running for Mayor and giving up his council seat.  In addition to K. England, Councilman Brent Marshall is also running.  Marshall has been on the Council for a year but has distinguished himself with his insightful questioning and refusal to be bullied into silence.  The dark horse of the race is Craig Brainard who rounds out the Mayor's contest.

The Council is no less contested.  With England giving up his seat, Councilman Josh Ellis is the only incumbent.  Joining the race for Council are Rich Rommel, known from his appearance at many Council Meetings, Glen Cranor, also a regular at the Council meetings.  Doug Collier, Earl Phippen, Craig Parrish, and Ryan Lewis with Jeff Mansfield rounding out the field.

Some people will recognize the Ellis, and Parrish names and the baggage they carry with them in some circles.  England also has an issue with this since voters may be sick of England Mayors.  It may be the year for vocal opponents but only time will tell.