Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Benghazi Day

Today is a new hearing on Benghazi in the House.  It will be live at 9:30 am MT.

The importance of these questions is that without the truth we cannot correct any problems that caused this tragedy.  The fact that it occurred on Sept. 11 really just adds fuel to the fire.  I believe the following items have to be answered:

  1. Why was security diminished in Benghazi?  
    • We have already heard from the State Department that budget was not a factor in this decision
    • Brittain removed their personnel from the area due to attacks that occurred several weeks before
    • We were the only foreign embassy left in Benghazi
    • The Consulate did not have adequate defense and had already had a hole in its outer wall
      • All of the above information came from the first Benghazi hearings  
  2. Why were the talking points changed?
  3. Who was responsible for the changes?
  4. Were FEST Teams called back?
    • During the first hearings some testimony given stated that Teams were ready to deploy and were told to "stand down" that authorization to go in was withdrawn.
    • We know that forces in Tripoli were denied permission to intervene
    • We know that Woods and Doherty disregarded orders so that they could try to help those in peril at the Consulate. 
      • We know that Woods and Doherty were killed by a mortar shell over 7 hours later which again draws into question why no help was sent.  
These questions have to be answered.  Our foreign services need to know that we will protected.  We also need to make it known to those that would hurt us that they will not get away with it.  So far the response to Benghazi has been pathetic.  We jailed someone for a video that had nothing to do with this attack, yet we have not even made an arrest of the individual we believe planned the attack.  Evidently we should hire the reporters at Time to investigate since they found the culprit easily.

Americans need to demand that we have adequate protection for our Embassies and Consulates.  It is American soil and not only do the people that work there depend on them but also our citizens when they are overseas.  

Americans also need to demand that those that have credible information not be harassed or threatened.

We'll see what happens today.  Maybe we will finally get the answers that so far seem to be missing.