Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Never Give Up

Last night we heard about a woman with uncommon courage.  After being held against her will for 10 years she managed to get away from her captors and get help for herself and the two other women she was being held with. Hearing the 911 call you can tell she is truly terrified but she succeeded.

This story has so many lessons . . . First, never give up.  Grab opportunity when it presents itself.  No matter where you are in your life, if you are looking for change a chance to embrace that small opening will come.  These women's families never gave up.  This young woman never gave up.  She got the chance to seize her freedom and she grabbed it.  Because she was courageous enough to step forward a great wrong is being corrected and the chance for a better life is now available.

Second, be observant.  Neighbors had noticed some inconsistencies at the house these women were being held in.  They did report but unfortunately there wasn't enough evidence for the police to act.  We will find out more later and maybe more could have been done; but for now it appears that neighbors were noticing something was wrong.  The neighbor that heard this poor woman's call for help and came to her rescue also needs to be credited. I know a lot of times I am oblivious so I hope I would have heard her but I'm not sure I would.  Thank goodness the neighbor heard.

Third, act on what you know you need to do.  Many of us let fear keep us from what we truly should be doing.  We let ourselves be miserable because we are afraid of change.  This woman had everything to fear but she reached out anyway.  How many of us have fears that are far less significant and still we don't progress?

It appears that one of the captors was a friend of one of the women's family and had attended some of the vigils for her.  How sad but it also points to the fact that we need to pay attention to people's behavior.  We need to be less self absorbed so we can see what is in the path in front of us.

I hope these women and child can find peace and happiness for the rest of their lives.  They have surely suffered more than any one person should.  I also hope that we as individuals take to heart to be involved in our neighborhoods and be observant.  I hope we understand that we make the difference and all of us are better for it.