Sunday, April 19, 2015

I Am American - Not Racist

I am sharing a link to an article that shows how Europe behaves toward anti-Semites.  It is shameful:

What Happened Before Broadcast

This is the face of racism.  I am tired of Americans being called racist.  I know that if I saw this happening to ANYONE I would step forward with my cell phone and say I'm calling the police and they would scatter like the cockroaches they are.  In Paris apparently the racists don't even fear the authorities so what help is there?

I know that some racism exists in the US but it is not the rule.  We welcome all faiths and nationalities here.  We are a nation of immigrants and if you're like me you have so many nationalities you cannot use a hyphen to describe yourself cuz you'd still be waiting for me to get to the point.  In other words, I'm what my family lovingly describes as Heinz 57 - a little bit of everything.

I will tell you something that happened when we lived outside Tacoma one Christmas.  We had taken my 4 year old daughter to get her picture taken with Santa at the Mall.  She knew we were going to see Santa so she was EXCITED.  When we got there, we didn't realize that the Santa was African-American but he had the right suit so who cares?  The photographer said the "White" would be on duty in 2 hours if we wanted to come back.  We told him no, our daughter knew this was Santa and we were going to get the picture now.  When my husband's mother and step-father saw the photo they started talking CRAP about how Elizabeth should be taken away from us.  We talked it over on what to do and told his family - if we EVER heard anything remotely like that again that would be the last time they ever saw our daughter.

We raised our daughter to look at the person not the race.  We celebrated the fact that my sister is Catholic, my mother - Methodist, my cousins- Mormon, and her parents - vagabonds with a profound faith in God.  My husband's family actually traces their lineage back to Russian Jew.  My sister married an African-American Jehovah Witness.  My Husband's father was afraid of religion because of the beatings he took from his puritanical mother - who I am happy to say I NEVER met.  The man was traumatized his whole life from a stupid, small-minded zealot.  

We have know wonderful people of all colors and faiths.  We find that character is in such short supply that where you find it you should treasure it.  My husband went to a Mexican restaurant run by Asians in West Seattle with an African-American friend.  They could not get seated so we NEVER ate in that restaurant again and my husband made sure he told the owner why he was offended (they only had one table of customers so they were not busy) and we spread the word to all our friends and family as well.  The restaurant doesn't exist anymore.

I am a white American.  I am not Racist because I'm white.  I guess I could say that I am European-American - but wait - my mom suspects we may have some Native American blood as well due to some history of ancestors that were French trappers for the Hudson Bay Co.  We never owned slaves but we did have some relative that were indentured servants (worked through their lives as basically a slave) to pay the debt owed so their children could live free in America.  I will continue to say I am American.  I don't need a hyphen.  I am proud of what this Country stands for - all of it.