Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Enough is Enough - Who wants a 12 cent increase in Federal Gas Tax?

Here we go again.  We finally get some relief - not from our Government - but from the world oil prices diving.  Thank God!  Now our GOP leaders are talking about increasing the Federal Gas Tax by 12 cents per gallon.  No more support for ANYONE that thinks that once we finally start to turn the corner and allow goods and services to decrease in price is time to increase ANY TAX.  Good grief!  The average American has actually seen a decrease in wages and these idiots in Washington DC seem to think they can get blood from a turnip.  NO MORE.

If Idaho's Representation votes against this type of increase I will support them, but if they support it I'm shopping for a good strong alternative.  Someone that's strong on the following:

  1. Decrease spending and decrease taxes - especially Corporate Income Tax to a competitive rate with the rest of the world.
  2. Get rid of any organization that regulates without direct oversight from the voters.  Examples - a good start would be the EPA.
  3. Return control of education to the States and get rid of the Department of Education.
  4. Promote and support small business and job creation.
  5. Uphold our Constitution and existing laws - no picking an choosing.
  6. STRONG defense.  Support and respect all our armed forces.
  7. STRONG immigration reform which understands that illegal immigration is just a euphemism for slavery since illegals have no way to protect themselves against mistreatment of any kind.
  8. Support private efforts to provide services to their communities - they do a better job in most cases.
  9. Return choice in our lives.  This includes lifestyle and medical.  Governments are at best amoral and at worst immoral so they need to stop with telling us what is moral - they don't know.
  10. EVERYONE in Washington gets the same deal as the citizens of the United States in medical, pension, and law enforcement.  If it's illegal for the citizens, it's illegal for all our representatives from the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches.    
Our Constitution says WE THE PEOPLE, not some of the people, not those with money, not those with power, but EVERYONE lives under the same set of laws.  It's time we let the Emperor know he has no clothes.  It's time we let our elected officials as ALL LEVELS know we're done.  They work for us and we're ready to let them know their job performance sucks.