Monday, September 16, 2013

President Obama's "Successes"

The President gave a whole laundry list of achievements today and I call puke buckets.
Four to be specific.

The President claims he saved Detroit.  That must be why most people have left.  Ford, who didn't participate in the Bailout, has done the best of the three.  Chrysler was bought by foreign automakers, and Chevrolet is about to be bankrupt again.  So that is definitely a fib.

The President claims he has created jobs.  We have not created jobs at a rate that would cover the number of new workers entering the workforce so as a result, middle class workers are taking jobs usually reserved for lower class workers or those new to the workforce.  Upper class families have a 3% unemployment rate.  Those around the poverty level have a 21% unemployment rate.  The number of people in the middle class has gone down by 5%.  This claim is a whopper.

The President says that the economy is growing.  That businesses are expanding.  Businesses may be hiring but only part-time workers.  Those with full-time work are worried because the cost of Obamacare is causing their employer to cut them down to under 30 hours per week.  Small business is static.  The environment for the business is so volatile that small business owners cannot commit to hire, whether they need more people or not.  Is lightning hitting the White House yet?

Obamacare itself.  The idea might be laudable but the Unions have spoken against the legislation now because of the "Cadillac Tax" on really good health insurance.  The Department of Health and Welfare has delayed the implementation to businesses with more than 500 employees for a year.  The exchanges just haven't been set up.  Small businesses are looking at paying fines instead of paying for health insurance.  Finally, the only ones that have to sign up in about 2 weeks are individuals that aren't covered by health insurance now.  Great.  If this is success I would choose failure instead.  

The White House needs to get a dose of reality and do its job instead of golfing.