Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Scariest Show I've Ever Seen

I admit it sometimes I just don't feel tired when I should.  Other times I fall asleep when I shouldn't.  So what's the answer?  I watched Hot Gear on BBC America.  It was incredibly entertaining and sad at the same time.

This episode they decided to drive from Britain to Spain and instead of driving the top of the line "super cars" they chose to drive the econo line of "super cars."  They chose an Audi, Ferrari, and McClaren.  All were beautiful and if memory serves were under $200,000 British Pounds.  The trip was spectacular and the test just plain fun.

Here's the scary part:  Spain

The first city in Spain they arrived in was beautiful.  It was right on the water, had huge beautiful apartments and absolutely no people.  It was pristine but had no one there.  Drive down the road some . . . look!  An airport!  It was great for their drag race but it was an airport that had been completed 5 years ago and was totally abandoned.  Now time to find somewhere for the night.  Next town.  No one but lots of new houses.  The trio stayed in an abandoned home that was truly beautiful with great view.  On now to Madrid.  Still basically no one.  No one on the streets.  No one driving.  The center of Madrid has actually started to deteriorate in the garden areas and everything has that vacant feel even though the buildings appear to be in great repair.  To just show the how empty the City was, they set up a street race in the heart of the city.

Spain looked like something gorgeous where everyone left because of some horrible disease or something.  In truth the issue was the economy.  Spain's unemployment rate is over 50% and a large number have no income at all.  To survive the Spanish are leaving.

So why is that the scariest show I've ever seen?  Spain didn't look like a slum.  It didn't look crime ridden.  It just looked empty and I thought, we could look that way too.