Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chubbuck Budget Hearing Tonight at 7pm.

Tonight is the Public Hear for the City of Chubbuck Budget.  Although much if not all has been decided, it is the only time in the process that citizens are allowed a voice on the expenditures on the record.
Tonight will reveal what the City is thinking of doing on budget cuts, levy rates, and utility rates.  We know already that utility rate increase have to be less than 5% if at all because anything higher would require a public hearing on them as well.  This excludes the delinquency fee for utilities which is currently at $10 and the City would like to raise it.  The following is an excerpt from the Council Agenda:

1.  The City of Chubbuck proposes to increase service fees for utility billing delinquency beginning October 1, 2012 by amounts that exceed one hundred and five percent (105%) of the respective fees from the current fiscal year.  
2.  Discussion of the published and proposed budget for the fiscal year from October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014.  

1.  Quarterly Treasurers Report end of June FY13.  
2.  Review bids for hockey compressor building concrete construction.  

Conversations for Inquiring Minds will be recording the hearings and will post them on our site asap.

If you have views of what the City should be doing and you do nothing else this year, please, go to this meeting.  It's your opportunity to let the Council know what the community is thinking.