Monday, May 13, 2013

Mad As Hell by Michael Ponkow

With all the Technology we have, the President of the United States is supposed to know what is happening worldwide,  real-time.  His entourage carries the equipment that is in constant communication with the high ranking staff of the Military and State Department; not mentioning the "Red Button" (football).  If it's true that He had no knowledge of what was happening in Benghazi, then all the money we spend on drones and satellites is wasted.

If no one could get there in time to scare or lend direct aid to the fight in Benghazi, then what is the worth of aircraft carriers.  Planes take off not from land but from the SEA.  Obviously those planes can't get to their targets on time, because "gee its target is too far away."

In my personal opinion this whole thing is just BULLSHIT from one end to the other.

The reason why this "bugs" me so much is it makes the United States look weak and petty.  If shows the personal gains of our President are worth more than the people we send to represent and fight for us overseas.  People died in Benghazi because our President wanted to win an election.

President Nixon resigned as a result of Watergate, but no one died in Watergate.  What should President Obama do?