Thursday, April 24, 2014

Moving Forward.

With Elizabeth gone to Chicago and Tia (our golden retriever) passed away, I found myself missing the companionship of a dog.  I wanted a dog that would stay with me all the time, be able to be trained as a Therapy Dog so I could take him to the children's wards or other areas where dogs can really help.  I wanted to rescue a dog and at the same time I wanted the dog to rescue me-- to get me up and out.  After a failed attempt, we found Jake - now named Buddy because I kept fouling up the name.

Buddy is the most patient, quiet dog I have ever been around.  Our vet thinks he's about 2 years old and he is a Queensland Blue Healer.  He grooms himself like a cat would.  He's so quiet that several times I have gone looking for him only to find he was right behind me.  He also keeps excellent track of me.

Buddy has definitely forced me out of my comfort zone.  I know my neighbors much better than I used to - mostly because I have to go outside.  He checks the perimeter of our yard and has such acute hearing, nothing gets by him.  Our next door neighbor has just gotten an Australian Sheppard puppy so the two have become friends.  Meanwhile our cats have basically adopted him.  Vivi, our black tyrant, is still figuring out what to do with Buddy, but he also finds him fascinating and follows him in and out to see what he's up to.

After being around a Golden, I'm used to smart dogs, but Buddy is smart without the air-headness.  He has picked up on clicker training and just having the clicker gives me his total attention.  Seeing the world through his eyes will be an adventure and my effort to train myself so that Buddy can go everywhere with me will be something that will help me grow and prepare for my future.

So here is a new beginning, one that will include the adventures of Buddy and I as we explore the world around us.