Monday, October 7, 2013

The Ridiculousness of the Government Shutdown

It seems today that political garbage takes the place of actual truth.  As an American Citizen, I am SICK of it.  The stupid games that are going on now are putting legacy and politics ahead of the good of the People.  Maybe it's time to clean house.

My first gripe is with the President himself.  He has put off the business end of Obamacare but refuses to do so for the individual side of it.  The largely Republican part of the House has asked that the individual mandate be put on hold for one year.  Sounds reasonable.  Not to the Obama White House.  No deal.  Why not?  Okay, this is my take:

  • Democrats:

    1. The White House does not want Obamacare to be implemented in 2015 due to mid-term elections.  They fear the fallout will cost them the Senate.  That should tell everyone right there that this is not good legislation.
    2. The closer we get to Elections the fewer Democrats will feel they can support the President's agenda.  Re-election is everything and continued control of the Senate a necessity.  Pelosi and Reed may find their power diminishing again.
    3. They fear if Obamacare is held out a year it will not ever be established.

  • Republicans:

    1. Without a Republican Senate the House cannot "defund" or "repeal" Obamacare.  By making it come into effect in 2015, the President's Healthcare initiative becomes an election issue.  Most Citizens don't mind that but the Democrats are afraid of loosing their majority to the Republicans.
    2. Funding is the responsibility of the House and Senate.  In fact, all tax initiatives must originate in the House in a bill in order to be legal.  The Republicans see closing the Government as the only way to get the postponement of Obamacare through the Senate and get the President's signature.  
    3. The Founding Fathers made Congress the funding mechanism for the Government as a check against run away spending.  Currently our debt is almost $17 trillion and by October 15 the President will need the debt ceiling raised.  Republicans state they will not raise the debt ceiling without major spending concessions.
    4. In an effort to make sure the areas of Government are funded that are really needed the House has passed multiple bills to allow funding of items like Cancer treatments for children.  The SENATE has refused to vote on them and continues to blame the Republicans for not funding the Government.  This is total B******t!
More ridiculousness

  • The current Government has increased our debt more than all the past Presidents COMBINED.
  • The current unemployment rate is the highest it's been since the depression with certain groups being hit harder than others.  African-American youth have the highest unemployment rate at about 50%.
  • More part-time jobs are being created than full time.  Part-time means NO BENEFITS.
  • More people are underemployed due to the business community's (especially small business) distrust of what the future will bring.
  • More companies (Home Depot, Walmart) are either dropping benefits, not insuring spouses, or turning to part-time workers only making those without insurance increase.
  • Youth will not buy into Obamacare.  Assuming that the youth will pay $100/mo for insurance and the fine is $95/year.  Youth will choose to go without insurance unless they have a chronic illness.  Obamacare depends on 100% Youth participation or it fails. Guess it fails then.
  • The average taxpayer's portion of the National Debt is $148,000 each.  Don't know about you but if I am going to have that kind of Debt, I at least want it to be something I enjoy . . . (See Debt Clock: )
  • The hardest hit by ALL these changes is the Middle Class.  If we have excellent insurance through a Union or other organization, we will be paying a "luxury" tax for it.  How is that fair?
  • Since President Obama took office our country has NOT had a budget.  It has been funded through Continuing Resolutions.  This needs to stop now and anyone that does not allow a vote on a budget should forego their pay until such time as a budget can be passed.  If they don't do their job, none of them should be paid.
  • Congress gets a significant subsidy on their healthcare while most Citizens are paying more with NO help.  Congress should have to live under the same rules as the rest of us.

So what should happen?  First, the President should do the right thing and let the Individual Mandate come into effect in 2015.  Second, Congress should get no subsidy for healthcare.  Third, Congress passes a budget or they don't get paid.

I wonder how long it would take to get things done if our Elected Officials weren't getting paid?  I bet it would be done by the end of the week.