Tuesday, October 29, 2013

KPVI Cuts Interview Down Making Candidates Appear Differently

Last night KPVI showed an interview with the three Mayoral candidates that had some interesting tidbits in it.  The candidates all answered some basic questions but KPVI decided to cut down the segment when they posted it to the internet.  Really?  Do you not know that on the internet you have unlimited time if you need it?  Or was there something more nefarious here?

It's interesting to note that the comments from Councilman England were cut quite a bit.  His comment on being the President of the Council for 2 years was cut (although that didn't bother me so much).  Also cut was the comment that road conditions "kinda crept up on them."  Does he not live in Chubbuck?  Where has he been the last four years?  He also laid the blame on lack of funds from the State (that was cut too).  Please, stop it!  The funds have been decreasing for years!  That's why you GROW the tax base, not fritter away your money!

Incentives are important to business but so are roads and the area that their employees will end up living in.  If the City doesn't show it's well run begging won't help.  Why would a business come to Chubbuck when Pocatello can offer so much more, including a lower levy rate?  Yes, taxes are important.

Another thing cut from the video was the comment that roads will be a priority for Councilman England.  He has a plan.  Councilman Marshall's response was roads need to be fixed now, citizens are sick of hearing that the roads will be fixed and yet nothing is done.

So, I hope you all saw the original broadcast because there is a lot missing off the internet one.  Oh, and one other thing, the third candidate featured, he appears to be a nice man but since campaigns are expensive he has chosen not to do any signs or door hangers and not take any donations so he's not beholden to anyone.  Admirable, but how is anyone going to know who he is and what he wants to accomplish?  That was cut too.

Shame on you KPVI.