Monday, August 12, 2013

Music That Makes My Heart Weep

I'm a fan of great music and when I hear it a longing comes up inside me.

I used to play piano and was good.  My original teacher was concert-grade and got me to about 3 year level in 1 year.  When I had to quit, I didn't quit the piano, I poured myself into it.  Now don't get me wrong.  I don't think I ever would have been famous, my hands are too small and I'm too stubborn to practice things that bore me -- my third teacher could attest to that. There's something in music that speaks to my soul.  It allows me to escape the horrors of everyday life.  God, piano, and writing, were the ONLY things that got me through my childhood and teen years.  I would have died long ago without . . .

I think my favorite song of all time is Led Zeppelin's "The Rain Song."  The ebb and flow of Plant's voice and Page's guitar are like love in sound and with that heart rending ache the strings come in go underscore the beauty of heart finding the heights and depths of emotion. 

I don't write about what music means to me.  Maybe it's too painful.  I don't know.  I have my own mix of favorite songs, no I burned them to CD so I could listen to them on my sound system.  All the songs have something in common.  They're heartfelt.  They range from Robert Palmer's "Women are Smarter" to Yes's "Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day."  They just move me.  Heart's "Song of the Archer" and "Say Hello" make me stop and remember who I am what I can be.

So as I reflect on colors of the music I find a profound sadness that it took so long to find myself.  I grieve for letting go of dreams that could have been except for fear.  Today I strive to find another voice, another self.   I can tell you one thing, it is not myth that you can die from a broken heart.  Look around, you see people dying everyday and if you dare to step out to your greatness, they will try to kill your dream.  So follow your heart.  Do what's right.  Remember, most people don't give a FUCK about you and will revel in your failure.  It's the true devil of our times.