Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bannock County Passes FY 2014 Budget With Little Fanfare

The Bannock County Commission passed its FY 2014 Budget August 14, 2013.  An easy to follow presentation was given, not only detailing the expenses of the County but the revenue it brings in.  In addition, the presentation broke down how these revenues (cash in) is being spent.

The salaries at the County increased by 2% for cost of living.  Also, coming into compliance with a salary plan that the County implemented some years ago, an additional $317,000 was added to bring positions up to the scale they should be at.  The issue was if the Commissioners waited longer to implement the correction to these salaries that had fallen behind in the County, the amount to rectify the discrepancy would only grow.

Other expenses within the County increased by 2,640,955 which includes the purchase of a third ambulance, and maintenance to the jail which is now 20 years old.  Including the increase in energy costs and road maintenance, the County appears to have produced a bare bones budget.

Bottom line, for each $100,000 of TAXABLE value the property will increase by $31.49.  Not bad when you're getting a new ambulance and some additional personnel.

We have posted the approved budget, the presentation, and the video of the actual meeting at the Bannock County page at Conversations for Inquiring Minds.