Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thank God for Becky Gerritson

Today some of the targeted groups are testifying in front of the US House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee.  The testimony has been powerful and of the testimony Becky Gerritson put it best.
She explained that the Government is the servant of the people but has forgotten its place.  She continued to testify that she has no political agenda, she is fighting to keep the America she grew up in, the America that others risk their lives to come to.

We as American Citizens must realize our way of life is under attack.  If the IRS is allowed to target individuals and groups due to their political leanings, WE lose.  If the Justice Department can spy on anyone based on political views and shut down the free press, WE lose.

It's time to demand answers and justice.  If these events cause no real consequence to the perpetrators, we will see more of this behavior.  The abuse of power is contrary to our Republic.  We cannot allow this behavior at any level.

Thank God for the courage of these people to come forward and beat the rest of us over the head with the terrible behavior they have experienced at the hands of our Government!