Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Brain Damage

Some of us remember the Bill Cosby bit about the "Brain Damage" in which he explains that children seem to suddenly develop brain damage and the answer to everything you ask is "I dunno."  It seems like the Obama Administration never outgrew this.

I will include several article links that show what I am talking about but there seems to be two standard answers everyone in the Administration, including the President, has for every situation:

1.  I have no knowledge of that.  Or same phrase different words -- "I just found out today through the press like many of you."  "I am not aware of that issue."

2.  I cannot comment because the issue is under investigation.

Now using these two excuses seems to mean that no one needs to answer or be responsible for anything.  

I have to say that when I was growing up, we never said, "I dunno."  Mostly because it frustrated our parents to the point of violence.  You can assume that my siblings and I all learned early to have some other response since we are all still with the living today. I think one of the reasons my parents got so upset with that type of response is that they KNEW full well that we did what we did because we wanted to and hoped not to get caught. Saying "I dunno" just meant we thought they were too stupid to figure it out.  We found out that wasn't true and as children we gave our parents the respect to at least try to give a credible answer.

I don't remember my daughter ever telling me the "I dunno" answer either.  I think it was because we just looked at her and waited.  If that didn't work we would give a timeout or ground her from her computer or the internet.

So how should we combat the "Brain Damage" that has infected the Obama Administration?  I propose the following approach:

  1. No more teleprompter until everyone can answer a question credibly
  2. Grounded to White House proper until a balanced budget is passed and signed
  3. No Social Media until the answers to the DOJ - AP Phone Bill Scandal is explained and the parties responsible are dealt with if necessary
  4. No playing with other foreign dignitaries until Benghazi questions are answered properly and all references to the "video" are stricken from the Administration's vocabulary
  5. No new programs until the IRS parties that were targeting Citizens and organizations based on political and religious beliefs are outed and dealt with appropriately (No, the resignation of the ACTING IRS Chief does not count.  He was leaving in two weeks and he was only the head from November 2012 - long after the behavior started. )
Now if these measures don't work we may need to dock his allowance - whoops - I mean salary.  I think also First Lady Obama may have some feedback for the President since she wouldn't be able to travel or shop until all these issues were addressed.  Who knows without all the travel, personal appearances, and golfing the deficit might actually go down!  

Anyway, I just think if it worked for my child, maybe it will work with the Administration too.