Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gun Control

Just got a message from Fox News and it reads as follows:

  • BREAKING NEWS: Biden Suggests Executive Action on Gun Control‏​m (
7:06 PM
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Vice President Joe Biden says President Obama could use executive action -- and bypass Congress -- to toughen gun control laws.

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This is frightening!  It shows that Biden doesn't think Congress can pass his recommendations so wants to bypass them.  The problem is this is Constitutionally illegal.  It takes away the 2nd Amendment and Congress is supposed to make the laws not the President.  Look out cuz this is a start toward making Congress irrelevant.

In addition, the Democrats in Washington are saying that the President doesn't need to get Congress' okay to raise the debt.  This would give unlimited credit to the President without having to cut spending at all.  We are headed toward socialism at warp speed.